The Power of Parents

Our Parents Are the Very Foundation & Greatest Support

of Our Wellbeing & Prosperity in Life!

Our Native Right To Blossom In Life

Every one of us came into this world with full rights to live a harmonious and truly fulfilled life. Every one of us has powerful inner abilities to manifest & live a beautiful life.

Heal & Transform Relationship with Your Mother

Guided Meditation My Mother enables us to heal and transform the most important relationship of all, and blossom in all areas of our life!

Heal & Transform Relationship with Your Father

Guided Meditation My Father enables us to heal and transform another most important relationship, and achieve a true succes in life.

Heal & Transform Your Life Into Prosperity

As we heal and transform relationships with our parents, everything in our life opens for us to achieve and live a true prosperity. To become our best self, our true self!

My Parents Guided Meditations

The Power To Change Your Life! Here & Now!

A True Life Guided Mediations awaken our inner abilities to transform challenges and suffering into new prosperous relationships and life. Enlighten your life through beautiful music and Family Constellations energy movements.

My Mother

My Support & Prosperity

Our relationship with our mother is one of the most important relationships in our life. My Mother Guided Meditation helps us transform and heal challenges, to open a new and loving relationship with our mother!

My Father

My Strenght & Success

A relationship with our Father is one of the most important things in our life. My Father Guided Meditation helps us untangle relationship challenges with our father to open new possibilities in our life! Something truly special!

My Parents

My Success & Prosperity

My Parents Guided Mediation connects us with both of our parents at the soul level. As we take a proper energy position with both of them, we allow ourselves to untangle challenges with our parents and blossom in life.

My Parents Meditations Package

My Parents Mediations In One Package!

My Parents Guided Meditations Package, All Meditations In One Place!

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The Power of Family

Family Carries Tremendeus Love, Strenght & Power!

When Our Family Relationships Are In Harmony, We Can Achieve Anything!

Coming Soon

We at A True Life are working on preparing new guided meditations

from the My Family Series! To help us transform & harmonize these most important relationships!

Divine Guidance Book

What Every Person Must Know About Life!

Divine Guidance book has positively changed the lives of many people around the globe. This book opens new horizons in understanding who we really are, what is this life all about and how we can manifest & live a truly magnificent life.

Essential Life Questions

Sooner or later we all face essential life questions. Usually, when life pressures are hard, when the pain and suffering are unbearable, we go to the depths of our Being where we search for these answers:

What Is The Purpose Of My Life?

Why Do I Suffer So Much?

What Is This Life All About?

Who Am I?

Why Am I Here?

Life Sharings

Expand & Evolve Your Understanding Of Life!

A True Life Sharings main goal is to help us expand our understanding of who we truly are and how the reality we live in really works. And how we can transform our biggest challenges into a truly prosperous and purposeful life.

Knowledge is Power!

Lack of knowledge creates a major waste of life!

With Life Sharings we want to provide you with truly impactful realizations, knowledge and wisdom. Sharings that will enable to you open new horizons and possibilities in your life.

Life Sharings are short lessons, specific and to the point, very practical and truly impactful.

A True Life Community

The Power of Community!

Our ancestors knew this very well, the power of community, as they lived in times when they were heavily dependent on each other. They knew that strong communities are extremely important in their lives.

Today, this is more important than ever!

When we sincerely come together, we share our knowledge, we share our experience, we share our resources, we work tother on our joint projects ...

We belong! We make a difference! We propel together!

Join A True Life Community today!

Live a harmonious, purposeful and truly fulfilled life! Here and now! The decision is yours, the power to manifest it is yours.

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